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Kick Your Wedding Into High Gear!

Hey you... come here... shhhh... I'm going to tell you a secret.

Ok, so here's the secret: Weddings are supposed to be fun.

Yep, that's it. They're supposed to be fun. Period. Once all of that ceremony "stuff" is out of the way, it's time to let loose and have some fun. When guests leave a wedding talking about "how much fun they had", it's not because the food was good or they liked the way the photographer got everyone together for pictures. It was the DJ. More specifically, it was the Master of Ceremonies, the "MC", the "Emcee", whatever you want to call that guy (or girl) with the microphone.

First of all, let's get one thing straight: There's a big difference between a DJ and an MC. There are a lot of DJ's out there who, frankly, don't like to (or sometimes just "can't") stand up in front of 200 or more people and speak in coherent sentences. There are several potential reasons - maybe they just aren't good at public speaking, or they simply lack the confidence. You typically see this with DJ's who are new to entertaining wedding guests.

Sometimes, you will find a "DJ" who is just that... a "DJ". Someone who plays music that people like to dance to. That's perfectly fine - especially if you like that DJ's "style". However, if you plan to truly entertain your guests, you'd better find yourself an MC to work beside that DJ. That MC, doesn't necessarily need to be a professional MC, by the way. It could be a Bridesmaid, a Groomsman, Uncle George (the funny one that used to pick you up and twirl you around like an airplane). Someone who knows the secret.

Being an MC is a lot like being a magician... and magicians NEVER give away their tricks. Well, someone has broken that rule... I found this post online earlier today - and I've been on the fence about sharing it. After some heavy thought, I figured - if I found it, I'm sure anyone else with a computer or an iPhone (Android, whatever) could find it as well.

There are a few reasons why I'm posting it though: I believe it will not only help the DJ aspiring to be a true MC, but it may help the bride-to-be or groom-to-be with some of the planning aspects that are most commonly forgotten, or not understood. It may also help Uncle George as he prepares to MC your upcoming wedding!

Let's face it - for most of my wedding clients, it's their first go-round... they've never been married before (most of them) and they haven't been to many weddings, so their wedding experience is limited. It's hard to plan something when you're not sure what exactly you're supposed to be planning! The information provided on this web site can help shed some light on some of that.

So, according to, they offer some insight into "How To Create A FUN And Memorable Wedding Reception Even If You're A Novice Wedding MC Who Doesn't Know What To Do Or What To Say!". So, out of curiosity, I bought it. It was an immediate download, it didn't cost much (less than $40) and I figured maybe I'll learn something new!

I have to admit, I'm impressed with the amount of information that they have included in this "kit". It includes not just information about how to be an MC, but it also has things like:

  • Wedding MC's Secret List Of FUN Ideas

  • Wedding MC's Secret To Creating A FUN Wedding Reception

  • The Complete Step-by-Step Blueprint Of The Highly Entertaining "Just Married" Game (I play this game with my clients all the time!)

  • A Sample Skit You Can Modify And Use As Part Of The Wedding Reception Entertainment

  • Sample Wedding Reception Agendas (We call them "Run Sheets")

So - if you're looking for some fun ideas AND thinking about enlisting the help of Uncle George in the role of your MC, check this package out!

If you're a Mobile DJ looking to enhance your skills, this package may work for you as well - but if you need help, call me! I'm happy to teach!

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