10 Things to Consider if You're Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

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I guess we could say life has changed a little for us in 2020. Some areas are quarantined, some areas are not. Most people are worried about going out, but tired of staying home. Everyone is supposed to be wearing masks, or are they? I guess it depends on which state or even county you're in. These are some crazy times we live in!

If you're reading this article, you've probably either already seen the affect this pandemic has had on weddings and you need to adjust your plans or you've just started planning and need some advice. Here is my 2 cents:

Don't Panic. We're living during a pandemic at the moment; everyone knows it. No one will be mad at you if you need to make adjustments to your plans or even put your wedding on hold. It's OK. Stay focused and remember that your wedding is your special day (sorry, I know you've heard that before). You have every right to adjust your plans as you see fit to ensure that your day is perfect as it can be.

Don't be Afraid to Reschedule. So you've booked your DJ, the caterer, the florist and your photographer. You put a deposit down with everyone to secure the date. Out of the blue, your venue calls to say they can't accommodate your wedding because they don't have enough staff members available to work. What do you do? Most service providers should be willing to work with you to change dates. You should be mindful though, many may have several other clients in the same situation, so choosing the best date may be a bit tricky. The key though, is communication. Reach out to your service providers early and often to keep them updated and check their availability. If one of your service providers pushes back or seems to be unwilling to adjust - don't be afraid to look for other vendors - there are plenty who have had clients cancel or reschedule. I'm sure they'd welcome new business from you and some may even offer a discount! Of course, you'll need to read through your existing contract(s) first to be aware of any clauses that may result in a loss of your deposit. If you're worried about upsetting your guests, don't be. As I stated above, everyone knows that things are uncertain right now - they will understand!

Reduce the Guest List. OK, I know, this one can get a little tricky. But remember, some people will naturally bow out to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 anyway. Fewer guests makes social distancing easier and reduces the potential exposure for everyone. Reach out to those guests who may be considered high risk (see the CDC Guidelines here) and give them the option to stay home. Some will still want to come, but many will opt out to limit their exposure.

Consider Where Your Guests Are Traveling From. With travel restrictions and "required" quarantine rules in place, don't forget to be mindful of where your guests are coming from. Many states and localities are still requiring out-of-town travelers to self-quarantine before going out in public. There are several states who are completely banning travel from other jurisdictions. This is especially an issue if you live in one state (or jurisdiction), but your wedding will be in another. Make sure you're aware of what the rules are regarding in-bound travelers in the area of your wedding (they may differ from your home state or locality).

Most Places Require Masks While Indoors. Confirm with your wedding /